Branding & Logo Design

I have produced logo designs (and subsequently full branding) for many SMEs of various shapes and sizes. After an initial consultation and research phase I normally sketch out a few ideas before selecting the best to digitise and present as early design concepts to the customer. These concepts will often undergo numerous revisions before a final design is selected. The logo is very much a product of collaboration between designer and client: from the initial discussion until final design a constant flow of feedback shapes and changes how the logo comes together.

Below are a few samples of logos I’ve created, along with some early concepts discarded along the way.

Breathe Wellbeing

Breathe Wellbeing is the website of Cherneese Gillespie, a holistic massage therapist based in Selby. Quick logo brief:

Natural colourscheme, organic imagery (particularly leaves given the studio’s location).




Mega Letting

Mega Letting offer full service letting and property management in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Bright and clear (visible on road-side TO LET signs), fresh colours, distinguishable from competitors.




Mollan & Co

Mollan & Co are a York-based accountancy firm.

Clean and modern, simple set of colours that can be used to differentiate the key sectors of the business.




Simples Yorkshire

Simples Yorkshire produce handcrafted gifts for occasions such weddings and birthdays.

Reflect the handmade nature of the products (mainly produced with knitting or sewing). Must stand out on brown paper packaging.




UK Dynamic Solar

UK Dynamic Solar install thermodynamic (solar) panels across the UK.

Bright and friendly, plenty of sun imagery. Solar panel texture/gridlines a plus.