Winter Links

New in web design: a roundup of articles & advice


Is Client Services a Dying Industry?


The recent closure of famed design studio Teehan+Lax sent a bit of a shockwave through the industry – is this a sign of things to come? Is it inevitable that the best design talent moves in-house – or can third-party studios still remain successful at the top? Can the best product design only come from within?

When Contempt Masquerades as Feedback, Nobody Wins

From: HelpScout

Design feedback revolves around subjective opinion – and the expression of an opinion can be the difference between a thriving relationship and one destined for stormy seas. Delivering – and surviving – strong criticism can make or break even the most talented designers.

A Vision For Our SASS

From: A List Apart

Front-end devs the world over are still giddy over our latest toy, the CSS preprocessor SASS. Development of the specification is moving at a terrific pace: but should we slow down and consider the implications? This article from ALA explores the downsides to our new Syntactically Awesome obsession.

Our Content Feed Is Broken

From: Medium

This post neatly demonstrates something you may only be subconsciously aware of; the fundamental usability issue with content feeds. It’s something that particularly affects sites like Twitter – and once you notice it, cannot be unseen. And it does it with GIFs – the internet’s favourite instructive medium!