Autumn Links

New in web design: a roundup of articles & advice


How Usability Testing Drastically Improved My Client’s App

From: Smashing Magazine

A great piece on the value of user testing. Case studies are always more engaging when the writer provides examples, real life feedback and demonstrations, so this article is a good read. Does A/B testing or user testing form a standard part of your design and development process? If not, why not? Obviously smaller studios might struggle to find the time and low budget projects might not justify the extra expense or this sort of testing, I think there’s no denying that it can improve the usefulness and utility of any website or app.


From: A List Apart

SASS (Sassy CSS) and other CSS shortcuts/preprocessors have been around for a while. I think the time where a front-end developer can avoid using these extensions to CSS is drawing to a close – and this article neatly demonstrates the value in using them as part of your standard working process.

How to create a content style guide to improve your blogs quality

From: Buffer

I love Buffer. They seem to be doing everything right: solid yet explosive growth, decent design, a great app and, probably best of all, a great philosophy to the way their business is run. A couple of months ago they suffered the indignity of being hacked: their response was pitch-perfect and quickly restored any lost trust in what was undoubtedly a difficult time.

This article is a great introduction and overview to one of my favourite design principles: consistency.

Be the result that Google wants to rank

From: Moz

Sometimes simple is best. Scratch that. In design, simple is always best.

Likewise when it comes to content creation and organisation the simplest and cleanest techniques are always the most successful. This article spells out the tactics you need to rank your website as well as it can; it hinges around great content that’s well written and properly organised. It couldn’t be simpler!