I did a thing!

My new website finally arrives


I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new website!

Bryndodgson.com has for a long time shown just a lowly holding page with my name and some basic contact information.


The old bryndodgson.com website

It also featured a yellow drippy-gooey type thing which for some reason made sense at the time.

I’ve finally gotten around to remaking the website – and I’m fairly pleased with the results.

As a web designer I can say with some certainty that I am my own worst client: impossible to please, impatient and indecisive. Web designers often are – being aware of the myriad of styles of website that are available mean that it’s nearly impossible to pick just one.

With most industries a specific type of website tends to work best – the business itself often guides the design of the site with a key design element, e.g.

  • A garden centre website will use a natural green and brown.
  • Financial services tend to have quite a traditional layout, often with corporate blue.
  • If you’re a dentist or a doctor’s surgery you’re almost certainly going to see pale green or pale blue.

As a website designer however the world is your oyster. The wide range you can find at most CSS gallery websites is a testament to the variety of different designs and styles. I toyed with a variety of design ideas and have eventually settled for something pretty clean and minimal, but with the odd flourish here and there to make it my own.

The new site includes lots of nice new features, including: a look at some of my work in the ‘portfolio’ section, a blog and a responsive design for visitors using tablets and other mobile devices.

There are probably still a few things to finish off, test and bugfix but for the time being I’m just happy to get this new website up and running!